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Olga ([personal profile] olyabird) wrote2009-06-25 02:10 pm
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[oom] Istanbul

She hadn't gone back to Istanbul for a few weeks, having enjoyed an extended stay in the Miliways universe, but for some reason, she wanted to go back to her world for awhile.

It was after midnight when she made her way home from the coffee house, and the smell of Turkish tobacco and coffee clung to her clothes and her hair.  She just wanted a shower and a good long sleep, but when she opened the door, she felt the weight of his presence.

Sitting in the dark, enthroned in the threadbare arm chair tucked into the corner, just out of the pale square of light cast by the street lamps.  A single puff of cigarette smoke pinpointed where his breath marred the silence of her flat.

"Olya, you were gone so long."

She did not speak, did not respond his observation.  It didn't seem to matter to him.

"You are still running."

"Can you blame me?"  Her words were shards of glass hurled through the air at his face.

He was quiet for a long moment before responding, simply, "No."

"Why are you here, my love?"

"I felt you leave."

She knew he would.  Perhaps somehow she hoped he would feel it in his bones.  Hoped it would make him hurt as much as she did, all those long quiet years tucked up in his cabinet.

"You don't own me."  It was all she could do to keep from spitting at him.

A heavy sigh, and another long drag on the cigarette.  "No.  No, I don't suppose that I do."

"Right.  So I go where I want, when I want, and I come back when I want."

"Of course.  Of course."

She knew what he wanted and she would not give it to him.  Not today.  Perhaps not ever.  "Then get out."

"Olya."  She felt him reaching for her, body and soul, and she could not bear it another moment.

"Get out!"  She waved a hand and felt her will spread out from the very core of her being.  The corporeal form of his body dissipated, like a veil of dust dispelled by a hard gust of wind.

He will find himself in the Gloom, and it might take him a few days to come back, but he will return eventually.  She knew this as sure as she knew the sun would rise in just a few hours.  And someday, perhaps, she might return to his side.

She still loves him.

She just can't bear to look at him right now.