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Olga ([personal profile] olyabird) wrote2010-07-24 12:07 am
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[oom: Sharing A Room]

The bar gave her a key with a brass numbered tag.  A napkin informed her a change of clothes and fresh towels would be waiting for them. 

It was only a few flights up from the bar, and he insisted on holding every door between the two.  It felt strange to be so close to a man, after so many years.  Even through the strange chemical smells and the scent of blood, she could catch hints of his scent.

She still keeps a wary eye on the hall ways, and only seems to relax once they are inside the room with the chain thrown.  (It allows her to whisper the incantation for a simple ward without making it too obvious.)

She turns back to him, draping her coat over the chair and giving him a soft smile.

"Would you like the first shower, or shall I go?"

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