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Olga ([personal profile] olyabird) wrote2008-12-30 10:56 pm
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Olga has only been here a month and already she is starting to feel attached to Ankara.  It is older than she is, and though Moscow is home, always will be home, so much of it has changed since she first named it thus.  Ankara was ancient when Moscow was born.  True, it was not Babylon, but not even she is mad enough to consider a holiday in a war zone.

No, Ankara was perfect for what she wanted.  Time to think.  Time to wander amidst the ruins, listening to the siren's song of the Gloom.  She hasn't set foot there since she left Moscow and she knows, the first time she does, Gesar will find her.  If he has the sense God gave a slug, he'd stay the hell away from her.  No speech about duty or loyalty or the perils faced by the Light were going to bring her back.

Not yet.

No, she needed time to think.  Time to breathe.  Time to spread her wings and find out what lay beyond the horizon of her understanding.  There would always be time for duty and honour later.  Today, there were only questions.