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[oom] San Francisco Victorian/Milliways Rooms

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She still eats as if it is a privilege, a throwback to the many times when it was.  Proteins first, to sustain the body, and yes, while battered poultry is a novelty, she still manages to enjoy it.  Carbohydrates next, and fresh baked bread is fresh baked bread the world over.  And finally, because it has a strange scent, and it looks to be rather messy to eat, finally she delves into the watermelon slices.  Juice ran down her chin and she had a sense memory of eating apples fresh from the cider press, only this was more like pears, she thought.  No, not at all like pears.  Something completely new and different.

Not unlike the man seated next to her, his startlingly blue eyes glittering with mirth as she chased bite after bite with a swipe of her napkin. 

"This should be served in a glass," she murmurs, taking another bite of the almost ethereal fruit.  One could eat for days and never fill up.  "What are you laughing at, hmm?"

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Around her, imperceptible to his senses, the power of the name shimmers against her skin. Not enough to bind her, but a naming nonetheless.

He has a way of savouring it that makes her smile broaden. Her eyelids droop, and she shifts just enough to catch his mouth in a gentle kiss.

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He hums in happy appreciation of the different tastes of her swirling over his tongue. Perhaps his crewmates wouldn't recognize the tense, near-furious doctor who has been doing his damnedest to keep things together the last day or two in the relaxed, sated man here... and that's just fine with him. They can keep, for now.

And every once in a while, like someone walking over his grave, he gets that same prickly back-of-the-neck feeling he does when he has to turn his back to the giant bay doors in shuttlebay. That same eerie sense that what's in front of him is just a very tiny part of something echoing and vast.

He finds that kissing her? Is an excellent distraction from that. It's an excellent distraction from most things.